How to integrate email, social for better results

Recently two casinos began integration campaigns using Lyris HQ’s platform with social and mobile marketing efforts. Both Reno casinos, the Eldorado Hotel Casino and the Silver Legacy Resort Casino, improved reach and engagement levels as well as customer experience. The two casinos also doubled mobile opt-in lists and conversion rates.
“The high customer acquisition and revenue that we have achieved by integrating email with social and mobile marketing has far exceeded our expectations,” said Chad Hallert, director of e-commerce, Eldorado Hotel Casino and Silver Legacy Resort Casino. “As we continue to build out our marketing efforts, we want to maximize exposure and relevancy, while better understanding which mediums or campaigns are succeeding and which are not. Lyris HQ’s embedded Web analytics enables us to see which campaigns are working so we can architect every customer experience for optimal relevance, timeliness and results.”
The casinos integrated email messages with mobile alerts and social network profile updates to promote hosted events and upcoming shows. Offline ad spaces were also used.
“Realigning marketing strategy to accommodate an increasingly social and mobile customer is critical to success. Eldorado and Silver Legacy have proven that integrating email with other marketing channels fuels sales and increases marketing ROI,” said Blaine Mathieu, CMO, Lyris.
Using a platform such as Lyris HQ, marketers are able to synchronize entire campaigns so that messages, alerts and postings are published or made available in order and at the right time. This helps to improve the consistency and relevancy of the messages. The integration of email and mobile, social or offline methods also reinforces the brand’s message. Rather than a consumer skimming over an email message and forgetting it, the message will be reinforced with Twitter or Facebook updates or even a mobile offer to make a purchase or sign up for more information.

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