For those still left in the office. Keep busy during the month of August!

August. Many people think of August as the month where business slows down. It’s the one time of year that everyone saves cherished vacation days for. But is this not the best time to advertise to people? All the folks on holiday spend more time reading magazines on the beach or laying in front of the T.V. then any other month of the year. Doesn’t this seem like a good time to get your ads out there for maximum exposure?

August is also a very good time to catch up on the thing you’ve been ignoring for the entire year. After all, the fall rush is coming fast. Here are some things you can do to keep you busy and your business on top of the game.

1. Re-vamp your website.
2. Update all social media profiles
3. Get started on an email newsletter that will be ready for September
4. Get your finances in order

This “slow” month has just become a time to regroup and get ready for the busy months to come.

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