Small Business Predicted to Increase Online Search Marketing

Small businesses are continuing to invest in online search marketing campaigns to reach new and existing clients. According to WebVisible’s 2009 Q3 Report on the State of Small Business Online Advertising, small business owners upped their search marketing by 91% between the third quarter of 2008 and the third quarter of 2009. What accounts for… Read more »

More Marketers Channeling Social Networking Posts into Ad Campaigns

While many marketers are just beginning the process of exploring social networking, others are light years ahead. A recent Wall Street Journal article describes how high-tech powerhouses like IBM and Microsoft are scanning their social networking sites for consumer videos and comments that make for good ad campaign material. As writer Emily Steel points out,… Read more »

Global Ad Market to Stabilize in 2010

According to several industry watchers, the global ad market appears ready to stabilize in 2010. This growth is largely related to the improving economies of emerging markets such as South America and Asia Pacific. Ad industry revenue generally lags behind economic recoveries, so in the U.S., tepid or no growth may be the general trend… Read more »

Email Engagement: More Marketers May be Timing Their Releases

Are consumers paying attention to email messages? Is there a way marketers can increase consumer engagement with email? These questions were explored in a survey recently carried out by Pivotal Veracity. Their findings can help marketers improve the results of their email campaigns. Pivotal Veracity tracked differences in email engagement metrics between the first and… Read more »

Integrated Marketing Changes Predicted for 2010

As marketing continues to evolve and more firms expand their reach into newer channels, managers will also be looking at ways to integrate and unify their efforts. During 2009, budget constraints forced many marketers to slash spending and cut entire programs. Industry watchers expect budgetary pressures to continue in 2010 but there may also be… Read more »