Online Media Top Influencer on Restaurant Choice, Traditional Media Still Best for Pizza Delivery

Traditional media influenced more than 30% of recently surveyed pizza consumers, while online media like restaurant Web sites were the most influential for restaurant-goers. The Ad-ology Research study also found 61% of U.S. consumers surveyed said they had visited “a restaurant they had not visited before” in the last year. Of traditional media types, direct… Read more »

Data Driven Marketing Continues to Grow

Aberdeen Research recently pointed out that the average CMO stays on the job a little under 2 years. During their tenure, some CMOs become success stories. Others, less so. What makes the difference? Aberdeen analysts say the rise in data driven marketing strategies as opposed to ‘winging it’ accounts for the success of best-in-class operators…. Read more »

NY Times Key Magazine- Oct 25th Issue

THE PERFECT SHOWCASE FOR YOUR PROPERTIES Key Magazine, the New York Times Real Estate Magazine, is a twice-yearly publication contained within The New York Times Magazine that appeals to property seekers and real estate enthusiasts alike. Its editorial content highlights the latest trends, hottest developments and showcase properties in the real estate market from around… Read more »

Crain’s Examines the Future of the Arts in NYC

Presented by Crain’s presents a half-day conference examining the future of the arts in New York City. The financial crisis and severe economic downturn have presented unprecedented challenges for the City’s performing arts organizations with declines in both attendance and fundraising. This conference, part of the Crain’s Future of New York City series, examines what… Read more »