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The Rise of The Mobile Device In Google Analytics

Mobile devices have become so common among people today that most people have more than one. I myself have a smart phone and an Ipad. Google has recently announced that in efforts to keep up with the mobile trend, they will be releasing new technology to monitor webpage and mobile app analytics. This is a… Read more »

3 Easy Cash Flow Tips For a Recession-Proof Small Business

According to the Small Business Administration, not managing your cash flow is one of the leading reasons small businesses go belly-up. So here are a few tips to help ensure your cash flows quickly from your customers to your bank account…and from there, to your own creditors, employees, and you.   1. Adjust your billing… Read more »

Rising Online Competition May Dilute Ad Effectiveness

To all the marketers who think they are saving money while increasing ad effectiveness via online media channels, MIT Sloan Assistant Professor Alessandro Bonatti has a message for you: Not so fast. Bonatti and co-researcher, Yale-based Dirk Bergemann agree that online advertising allows marketers to target specific demographic groups efficiently. However, in highly competitive industries,… Read more »

Two execs predict 2010 trends

Marc Krigsman, CEO of Cross MediaWorks, and Larry Rubin, Chief Operating Officer agree that advertising spending will be one area that will improve in the New Year, although spending levels will not reach pre-downturn levels. Also, television ad spending will continue to be the larger spend for advertisers because that is still where the majority… Read more »

Global Ad Market to Stabilize in 2010

According to several industry watchers, the global ad market appears ready to stabilize in 2010. This growth is largely related to the improving economies of emerging markets such as South America and Asia Pacific. Ad industry revenue generally lags behind economic recoveries, so in the U.S., tepid or no growth may be the general trend… Read more »