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For those still left in the office. Keep busy during the month of August!

August. Many people think of August as the month where business slows down. It’s the one time of year that everyone saves cherished vacation days for. But is this not the best time to advertise to people? All the folks on holiday spend more time reading magazines on the beach or laying in front of… Read more »

3 Easy Cash Flow Tips For a Recession-Proof Small Business

According to the Small Business Administration, not managing your cash flow is one of the leading reasons small businesses go belly-up. So here are a few tips to help ensure your cash flows quickly from your customers to your bank account…and from there, to your own creditors, employees, and you.   1. Adjust your billing… Read more »

Marena Studios designs new site for to launch April 14th

Marena Studios a excited to announce a strategic partnership with Urban Edge. We gave this company, who shares space with us at 12 West 23rd Street, a fresh look for their website, and devised an advertising campaign to connect with the target market of renters and buyers. This is an all no-fee real estate… Read more »

It’s Dressed to Kilt time! April 5, 2010

Another year under our belt! The 2010 Dressed to Kilt show is this evening…yeah! After a month of creating all the show graphics and website for this gala event, we finally get to go and enjoy ourselves. Cheers! The Marena Studios Team

NY Times Key Magazine- Oct 25th Issue

THE PERFECT SHOWCASE FOR YOUR PROPERTIES Key Magazine, the New York Times Real Estate Magazine, is a twice-yearly publication contained within The New York Times Magazine that appeals to property seekers and real estate enthusiasts alike. Its editorial content highlights the latest trends, hottest developments and showcase properties in the real estate market from around… Read more »