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An SEO Success Story

How does a global leader in pharmaceuticals find the right graphic design/web development firm that can offer turn-on-a-dime service and a high quality creative product? For Watson, it began with an online search. By keying in the parameters for their ideal agency, they came upon Marena Studios. After going through the Studios’ web site and… Read more »

Online Sponsored Search Ads. Make them more effective.

Visually clean, relevant ads can make a huge difference to the success of your search campaign. Be sure your ad appears professional, that your text matches your keywords and what you offer, then users will be more likely to click through and visit your site. Key Points • Match the tone of your ad to… Read more »

When it comes to SEO, Content is Still King

Is a website’s content really that important? If you want to rank well on search engines, yes. Search engines are all about content. When searchers type in a query on a search engine, it produces search results that show the most relevant content in its repository based on the keywords in the query. Quality website… Read more »

Small Businesses to Increase Keyword Counts in Search Marketing

A couple of weeks ago, I highlighted the general move by small businesses into search marketing. WebVisible’s survey indicated that the typical small business spent $1,658 on search marketing in Q3 2009. Another detail that came to light in that survey is the increase in the number of keywords used by small businesses. WebVisible analysts… Read more »

Small Businesses to Lower Use of Banner Ads, TV and Radio in 2010

Last week I highlighted WebVisible’s report on the increased use of search marketing by small businesses. Another research concern, VerticalResponse also reported that search engine marketing will be a key 2010 expenditure for smaller operators. And according to VerticalResponse, small business owners are planning a number of budget cuts to traditional media formats next year…. Read more »