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MIT Invents A Shapeshifting Display You Can Reach Through And Touch

The days when we said “I wish i could be in two places at once” may not be too far away. MIT is on its way to making that a reality. At least virtually; it works like a sophisticated pinscreen… Read this article from to find out more.

The Rise of The Mobile Device In Google Analytics

Mobile devices have become so common among people today that most people have more than one. I myself have a smart phone and an Ipad. Google has recently announced that in efforts to keep up with the mobile trend, they will be releasing new technology to monitor webpage and mobile app analytics. This is a… Read more »

Got a +1

We Facebook, tweet, tumble, stumble, and share. Just when we thought we were all Linkedin, the masterminds behind Google emerge with a new social networking site called Google+. Lucky for us, it comes with a whole new set of social terms to learn. If your latest lingo consists of liking, posting, and chatting you’ve got… Read more »

Two execs predict 2010 trends

Marc Krigsman, CEO of Cross MediaWorks, and Larry Rubin, Chief Operating Officer agree that advertising spending will be one area that will improve in the New Year, although spending levels will not reach pre-downturn levels. Also, television ad spending will continue to be the larger spend for advertisers because that is still where the majority… Read more » – Post All Over The Social Web Easily

Twitter, Facebook, Blogger… there are so many services currently available where you could post your content that going over them one by one will actually lead to heavy eyelids and thoughts of counting sheep . The thing is, absolutely every person who uses one employs another at the very least. No blogger has no presence… Read more »