The world’s leading brand licensing firm and a part of the Omnicom Global Network, Beanstalk wanted to totally re-design their website. They recently acquired their competitor, Nancy Bailey & Associates, creating a powerhouse of assets both in terms of product representation and global presence. The same firm had done their site for several years and they felt it was stale. In addition to totally re-designing their website, we added features such as home page Twitter feeds and a CMS. While they provided us with basic copy, we re-organized and refined it to support the new creative concepts we created for their lead pages, i.e. “Where in the world can your brand go?” and “What’s in a name?” In addition, we launched an SEO campaign in conjunction with the launch of the new website, a program that is ongoing. Beanstalk reports an increase in relevant traffic to their site, and continues to give us assignments. They have been a client for 1.5 years.