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For Watson, the process of external branding was an anomaly. We were asked to create a new “face” for Watson through its corporate website. With only 4-6 weeks to design and program over 60 pages, we jumped right in, learning everything we could about Watson Pharmaceuticals and its companies. Once the new brand was established through the website all other materials were designed (and in the process of being designed) to support this new “face” to the public and investors.

In June 2011 we also developed a new Internal Brand for Watson’s culture changer “Our Winning Behaviors”, which would speak to 6,000 employees globally. Working hand-in-hand with the Watson Marketing & Communications Department, logos, color palettes, website, design, manuals, building graphics, oversized internal posters and more were created. We also created their 2011 Annual Report, both for print and online as e-reader document.

We also worked with Watson during their acquisition of its European competitor, Actavis, for $5.6 million, making it the 3rd largest generic pharma company in the world. This acquisition required the combination of brands in Phase One, and was implemented on all corporate communications both internally and externally in over 20 languages. When the acqusiton was complete, Phase Two began. Here we worked on the new “Actavis” brand that was developed and implemented it again on all corporate communications and continue to expand the brand as new materials arise.

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